4 Cosmetic Treatments

4 Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatment options to improve your smile

Cosmetic dentistry treatments and its advancements have allowed for a celebrity smile to be achieved with a simple visit to the dentist.

New technology and enhanced experiences have allowed for professionals to offer tailor-made cosmetic options – transforming your teeth and giving you the smile you have always dreamed of. Realising that there are many people who are unhappy with their smiles, the cosmetic dentistry field has also come a long way in learning when it is best to use certain methods and when it is not.

Our Victoria practice offers a range of cosmetic treatments with your best interests at heart.

Below are a list of cosmetic treatment options and an explanation on how they can be used to improve your teeth:

1) Braces

Although many people believe traditional braces are outdated, this form of orthodontic treatment can sometimes correct complicated oral problems which cannot otherwise be addressed by other forms of treatments. Aside from aesthetics, braces can correct:

· Misaligned teeth

· Gaps

· Crowded teeth

· Overbite

· Underbite

2) Crowns

Often made from ceramic – dental crowns play a role in protecting a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay or breakage. With our diets usually consisting of unhealthy, sugary foods – we as professionals see this as a problem in many of our patients.

Crowns can be used to fix:

· A damaged or cracked tooth

· To hold a tooth that is on the verge of breaking altogether

· The cosmetic option can be used to restore worn out teeth

· They can be used as a support structure for dental bridges

· A crown can be used to enclose a tooth that is misshaped, severely discoloured or in need of any other type of modification

3) Veneers

A veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that is made to look similar, if not almost identical, to your natural tooth. These are custom made and bonded to your tooth’s enamel to address problems like:

  • Severely discoloured teeth
  • Close minor gaps
  • Correct misaligned teeth
  • Fix chips
  • Cover permanently stained teeth

4) Teeth whitening

Closely monitored by professionals, teeth whitening is one of the easiest and fastest ways of noticeably improving the quality of your smile. Although many patients often opt for the convenience of at-home whitening packs, we highly recommend doing the procedure professionally. When it comes to professional whitening, a series of visits are required to see the desired results.

  • Whitening covers stains
  • Discolouration
  • Makes your teeth look healthier and brighter


Cosmetic Torquay dentists

The journey to a better smile rests in your hands and could be just a phone call away. To speak about which option suites you best, contact us today to book an appointment.

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