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Traditional braces are a tried and tested technique for straightening teeth and improving the position of the bite

These days, modern braces are much more comfortable and visually appealing than traditional metal braces of the past. Braces have been used for hundreds of years to help solve a wide range of orthodontic concerns from minor tooth adjustment to complex malocclusion cases. Braces are designed to gradually move your teeth into correct alignment over a period of time, leading to a healthier, visually appealing and more functional bite.

How do braces work?

Braces apply gentle pressure in order to guide the teeth into a healthy position safely and effectively. As with most forms of orthodontic treatments, braces often require a lengthy period of time to move the teeth and jaws into alignment.

There are many forms of braces, all using a range of different components. However, the three main components of traditional braces are:

Brackets – Brackets are the small attachments on the visible area of the teeth that are used to position other components. They are applied using a safe and easily removable adhesive.

Archwires – Archwires are the components that provide gentle force, which helps to guide your teeth into the appropriate position. Archwires are what your dentist will tighten each time you visit for a check-up or adjustment.

Ligature elastics (bands or o-rings) – Ligature elastics are what hold the archwires on to the brackets. Often our dentist will give you options of colours so you can customise the look of your braces.

How long will I need to wear braces for?

Orthodontic treatment duration is always different for each patient, depending on the specific case and goal for treatment. Often the most common reasons influencing treatment duration is the severity of the case. However, there are a number of reasons that may influence treatment duration including your previous dental history, age, existing health problems and how well you stick to your treatment plan and maintain your braces. Always attending your scheduled check-ups and adjustments are extremely important to ensure that your treatment is completed within the timeframe provided by your dentist.

When you begin to miss appointments and don’t follow your treatment plan, if is difficult for your team to monitor your progress and adjust you braces appropriately. In most cases, braces are worn for a period of between one to three years.

Braces at Surf Coast Dental in Torquay

Dr Megha Samadhiya and the team at Surf Coast Dental in Torquay are proud to provide orthodontic braces for patients of all ages.

If you have functional issue related to a misaligned bite or feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, contact our friendly team today to book in a consultation.

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