Dental Crowns Torquay

Crowns are an effective and natural looking treatment option for restoring a damaged tooth

Dental crowns are an effective treatment option to help restore the integrity of a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. Often crowns will also be used to conceal cosmetic problems relating to the surface of an existing tooth.

What is a crown?

A dental crown is commonly made from ceramic materials and as the name suggests, is essentially a cap that sits over the entire visible surface of the damaged tooth to provide an improved structural integrity and aesthetic. Crowns can be used to help solve a range of dental issues including damage caused by grinding and clenching, chipped and broken teeth, and to fill large gaps.

In cases where there is a cavity present due to severe trauma and it is too large for a regular filling, a crown may be a great solution.

What is a crown made from?

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials but are most commonly made from a durable porcelain outer with metal framing for structural support. Porcelain is a very useful material as it is durable and can be customised and colour-matched to appear like a natural tooth.

Your crown will take some time to be fabricated in order for it to be custom-fitted and matched to suit your existing teeth.

The dental crown procedure

The dental crown procedure can be completed in just two appointments are Surf Coast Dental. During your first consultation, we will conduct a thorough oral health examination and prepare the tooth in order for the crown to be attached. This preparation may involve the reduction in size of the existing tooth in order for the crown to fit seamlessly within your mouth.

A custom mould of the prepared tooth is taken and sent away to the dental lab in order for the prosthesis to be fabricated to exact specifications. While you wait, a temporary crown is fitted to ensure you have function of the tooth.

In your next appointment, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is fitted. Small changes to the shape can be made by your dentist to ensure that the crown fits well and looks natural.

Dental Crowns and Surf Coast Dental in Torquay

The team at Surf Coast Dental in Torquay provide safe and effective crown treatment for patients who have damaged or decayed teeth. Whether you require a crown for restorative or cosmetic purposes, speak to the team at Surf Coast Dental today!

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