Dental Fillings Torquay

Restoring the integrity of a tooth to improve oral health

Fillings offer a natural looking restoration that can be used to restore the function of a tooth or for cosmetic purposes. There are a number of reasons why you might need a fillings. Some of these include:

  • To fill cavities and fissures – a more permanent solution
  • They offer a sort of natural coloured glue to repair fractures and chips in the tooth
  • Useful for restructuring misshaped teeth
  • Cosmetically helpful for closing small gaps in between teeth
  • Improve appearance as a replacement for amalgam fillings that are made from silver coloured materials and are sometimes noticeable
  • Can be more cost effective in comparison to other cosmetic options

What is the dental filling process?

Step 1 – The first step of your filling treatment will be the use of a local anaesthetic to numb the area. This will ensure that you do not feel any pain and that you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

Step 2 – We will then conduct a thorough clean of the affected tooth and surrounding areas to ensure that there is no bacteria or debris on the affected tooth.

Step 3 – Your dentist will then apply the filling and depending on the material used, it will be shaped before it is hardened, creating a firm bond to the tooth.

Step 4 – The final step involves a thorough polish so that the tooth fits in naturally in both structure and appearance to the surrounding teeth.

Dental Fillings at Surf Coast Dental

Fillings are a common treatment options to restore a tooth that has a cavity or minor cosmetic issue. The team at Surf Coast Dental in Torquay offer patients the highest quality treatment, complemented by the very best dental care.

If you require a dental filling, contact our friendly team today!

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