Dental Bridges Torquay

Bridges are an effective solution for replacing one or more missing teeth

What is a bridge?

Just as the name suggests a bridge literally bridges the gap left when there is one or more missing teeth by using three or more crowns, adjacent to a replacement tooth. The crowns are used as an anchor, which support the replacement tooth and are an effective solution for restoring the function of a tooth.

Dental bridge

Unlike dental implants, a bridge is not a permanent fixture, however it can last a long time if cared for well. For this reason, a bridge may be a more cost-effective solution for replacing a missing tooth.

What is a bridge made from?

Just like a crown, a bridge is made from either a porcelain or ceramic material that is durable and custom made to look just like your existing teeth.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

Not replacing a missing tooth can have a number of detrimental affects on your oral and overall health. A bridge can help to:

  • Prevent surrounding teeth from moving out of place
  • Improve chewing and eating ability
  • Prevent deterioration of the surrounding gums
  • Prevent the deterioration of bone beneath the gum line (known as resorption)

Is a dental bridge permanent?

Just like a dental crown a bridge is not a permanent fitting, however, it can be very long-lasting if it is well maintained. There are factors that may affect the lifespan of your prosthesis, which can be discussed with your dentist during your consultation.

A dental bridge cannot be removed by anyone other than a dental professional, as it is securely bound to your existing teeth. There is generally no need to have a bridge removed, as it has been custom designed for your mouth and should fit comfortably.

Whilst it isn’t a permanent fitting, a bridge is still bound very securely to your existing teeth and can only be removed by dentist or dental professional. There is no reason for a bridge to be removed unless it becomes damaged through regular use or poor maintenance.

Dental Bridge Treatment at Surf Coast Dental in Torquay

The team at Surf Coast Dental offer dental bridges as a safe and effective tooth replacement option for patients with missing or ‘terminally damaged’ teeth. In order to ensure that you don’t suffer from bone resorption or a sunken facial appearance due to missing teeth, a dental bridge can be fitted right here in our Torquay practice.

If you have any questions or would like to book a dental bridge consultation, contact our friendly team today!


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